What Is Truth? / Que Es La Verdad?
John/Juan 18:38
"The Word of God"  "El Verbo/Palabra de Dios":  "The Bible"  "La Biblia"
"But I will show thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth"
​Daniel 10:21


Queeslaverdad.com provides many books of the Bible in English and Spanish where you can read the Bible online.  We also provide Bible scriptures grouped by themes. All scriptures are from the KJV Bible (King James Version) and Reina-Valera Version 1960. 

Queeslaverdad.com exposes what is little known, if it is known at all, that the "Truth" is not of this World. 

Queeslaverdad.com Biblia Version Reina-Valera 1960 and King James Version (KJV) Bible online are provided with the hopes that you will find answers to your questions.

Queeslaverdad.com is NOT a religious online webpage, however, that doesn't mean that we are "anti-religion" nor are we in favor of any particular religion. One way or another, being frank, we couldn't care less.


We are having to update our webpage to the new version of website tonight, so please be patient as it will take some time to transfer the books of the Bible to new pages.​ Also, we will be transferring most of what previously appeared in the old webpage version. Included will be all the new writings and the current National News of today as well as the current Worldwide News. 
Please check back regularly to see the new writings and content.